Research Summary


Cyanobacteria are present in rivers as a relevant component of the phytobenthos and are one of the main health risks for humans in both drinking and recreational waters. I am currently working on the research "Cyanobacteria� and cyanotoxins in spanish freshwaters, ecology and management" with Dr. Antonio Quesada for the Spanish Ministry of Environment where the situation is analysed in the country from a scientific and management perspective. This includes field, laboratory and office work�.

The main aim of the project is to build a databases with all the data available on the country as the starting ground of the project. Then three different possibilities will be offered:

Investigate the change of the cyanobacterial populations in Spain in the last 40 years, making use of field and raw data from the Margalef team, to assess the changes in eutrophication in over 100 water reservoirs.

In collaboration with the Ministerio of Environment produce guidelines for the safe management of waterbodies regarding cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins problems.

Work on ecological modelling of the water reservoir Cuerda del Pozo, regarding the cyanobacterial problems